Stress Measurements & Diagnosis


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Stress Measurements & Diagnosis

This type of intervention is carried out to measure strains and stresses of machinery and structures due to the efforts applied to it.

On field measurements are mainly carried out with strain gages (single or rosettes) and thermocouples.

Field services :
  • Bonding of strain gages on site.
  • Measurements & stress analysis.
  • Type and direction of stress (bending, torque …).
  • Measurements of stress origin (mechanical, thermal).
  • Proposing solutions.
  • Measurements of residual stress.
  • Integration of HBM products according to customer specifications
  • Force measurements
Application of strain gage
on pump for pressure test

Pipe stress measurement s

Grounds for intervention:

  • Reliability of equipment.
  • Unusual stress failure (dynamic or static). 
  • Validation of prototype.

Gage on cylinder for static pressure test
Skid instrumentation

Examples of  stress and force measurements

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