Acoustic intensimetry - acoustic measurement


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Acoustic intensimetry - acoustic measurement

This kind of measurement allows to calculate the acoustic power of a machine and to determine the machine part which is causing the noise.

Possibilities :

  • Acoustic power measurement of a machine (turbine, compressor, pump, gearbox...).
  • Method  coming from the standards ISO 9614-1 and ISO 9614-2.
  • Realizing an acoustic mapping of a structure or a machine.
  • Locating the noise origin.
  • Identifying the main frequencies causing the noise. 
Noise source mapping

Acoustic power measurement on a notched belt reductor
Voluminal mapping of the noise source   


  • Acoustic tests and/or equipment qualification.
  • Acoustic power measurement (Lw in dB(A), ISO 9614 standard).
  • Reliability of an equipment.
  • Prototype validation.
Acoustic intensity spectrum

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