Torque Measurements & Diagnosis


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Torque Measurements & Diagnosis

This type of intervention is carried out through torque measurements with machinery in operating condition. No shaft modification required for measurements.

Equipment :

  • Telemetry acquisition module (sampling up to 1200 Hz).
  • Strain gage application on a shaft for stress and torque measurements.

Field services :

  • Telemetry system application on shaft.
  • Torque measurements with load (power).
  • Bending measurement .
  • Torque measurement during machinery run-up.
  • Natural shaft torque frequency measurements.
  • Proposing solutions.
  • Strain blades or shaft measurements in operating machine.
  • Telemetry measurements of others sensors (temperature, acceleration…).

Torque measurements

Torque measurement on a gearbox

Grounds for intervention: 

  • Validation through measurements that actual torque corresponds to theoretical torque. 
  • Field torque measurements in operating machine (real load).
Torquemeter with no contact measurements

Torque measurement
on a drive system

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