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Pipe vibrations

Pipe vibrations are recurring problems on industrial production sites. These phenomena generate dynamic stresses which may cause breakage.

Technivib developped a system to limit pipe vibrations.
(Pipe Vibration Absorber PVA) :
This system can be mounted on a very wide range of pipe diameters (DN30 to DN250) and its efficiency goes from a frequency range of 3 Hz to 200 Hz. 
Goals :
- To absorb vibrations in order to reduce installation stresses and increase welds and pickning lifetime...
Benefits :
- No production halt to install the system.
- No change on the pipes (no change in shape or support).

Vibratory levels in several points of a pipe before and after PVA system installation Operating deflection shape measurement of the pipe to optimize the position and direction of the PVA, in order to increase its efficiency.

The choice of AVC parameters allows to modify the pipe resonance frequency to decrease vibrations.

Other solutions can be defined after the pipe vibratory expertise.

Example: Installation of  a vibration damper on a pipe

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